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Confidence and Joy: Essentials for Children with Learning Differences

Every child has a right to and deserves to experience confidence and joy in order to grow, achieve, and prosper. It’s the responsibility of parents and professionals to get our children from little people to big people with confidence and joy in their hearts. It’s as simple as that, and it’s absolutely essential! But children with learning differences are often robbed of their confidence and joy.


Supporting Your Twins Different Learning Styles

As a parent, having twins is an enormous responsibility. Balancing each child’s needs, at the same time, while trying to balance your own needs and keeping it all together day after day after day, is a huge job. As parents of twins you may find yourself being extremely sleep deprived trying to meet the needs of two precious children at the same time. You may think that when school starts you will have more time to yourself to do what you want, only to find out that as your twins enter school, one twin or both twins may begin to be “left behind.”


Raising Heroes

Throughout the US, students with learning differences face challenges that most students never encounter. They go to school every day knowing that they’re going to struggle with subjects, tasks and situations that their classmates seemingly learn with ease. Day after day they enter their classrooms expecting to master the subjects and lessons presented, then ultimately are unable to grasp what their peers so effortlessly learn.


3 Ways to Build Kids’ Confidence and See More Joy in Them

Children today are brought up in a pressure-cooker environment with societal expectations to succeed and conform. From an early age, they’re subjected to messages to toe the line, excel and be the best. Both overt and unintentional messages from parents, teachers, coaches and others in a child’s life undermine confidence and joy, and can cause troubling behavioral issues.


When Bright Kids Can’t Learn: Strategies to Build Confidence and Joy

American classrooms are full of very bright children who, despite their very best efforts, struggle with learning core subjects of reading, spelling and math. These struggling bright children have learning differences that challenge their ability to learn with traditional teaching methods. A learning difference is just that—a difference in learning. It is not a disorder or a disability, but a different way of learning. Because of their differences, they struggle every day to be successful with academics and, at times, social skills. Everything that looks so easy to their same aged peers is, for them, a monumental challenge.

When Teens Struggle to Learn: Bright Tips for Parents

Middle school and high school years are tough for all teens, but for any who struggle to learn, these school years can be a nightmare both academically and socially. By the time these downtrodden young people hit middle school and high school, they’ve already had several years of learning struggles.


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What Parents Can Do To Build Confidence and Joy

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