3 Ways to Build Kids’ Confidence and See More Joy in Them

Children today are brought up in a pressure-cooker environment with societal expectations to succeed and conform. From an early age, they’re subjected to messages to toe the line, excel and be the best. Both overt and unintentional messages from parents, teachers, coaches and others in a child’s life undermine confidence and joy, and can cause troubling behavioral issues.


When Bright Kids Can’t Learn: Strategies to Build Confidence and Joy

American classrooms are full of very bright children who, despite their very best efforts, struggle with learning core subjects of reading, spelling and math. These struggling bright children have learning differences that challenge their ability to learn with traditional teaching methods. A learning difference is just that—a difference in learning. It is not a disorder or a disability, but a different way of learning. Because of their differences, they struggle every day to be successful with academics and, at times, social skills. Everything that looks so easy to their same aged peers is, for them, a monumental challenge.

When Teens Struggle to Learn: Bright Tips for Parents

Middle school and high school years are tough for all teens, but for any who struggle to learn, these school years can be a nightmare both academically and socially. By the time these downtrodden young people hit middle school and high school, they’ve already had several years of learning struggles.


Book Review: Confidence & Joy: Success Strategies for Kids with Learning Differences, by Deborah Ross-Swain and Elaine Fogel Schneider

Children who succeed in learning at school build self-confidence and a joy of learning. But what happens to children with learning differences who struggle with schoolwork?

In their new book, Confidence & Joy: Success Strategies for Kids with Learning Differences, experts Ross-Swain and Schneider apply years of experience as clinicians to help parents and teachers instill success into the daily lives of children who learn differently.


Building Confidence and Joy in Children Who Struggle to Learn

Homework hassles, learning struggles, tears and meltdowns are signs and signals that something isn’t right for some school-aged kids. The reason most children struggle is because they may have learning differences. These typically bright children just aren’t able to grasp reading, spelling and math like their classmates. Despite their very best efforts, as well as outside tutoring, they just can’t do it. They end up falling further and further behind.


Bright But Different: How to Best Help Your Child with Learning Differences to Succeed

All children are smart in their own way. Some children, however, have individual learning styles that don’t allow them to succeed with traditional learning methods.

These children are not disabled. They’re quite capable of learning everything their peers learn. They just learn in a different way. But children with learning differences are often robbed of their confidence and joy.


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What Parents Can Do To Build Confidence and Joy

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